Discord Screen Share No Audio – 7+ Fixes

Discord is one of the fastest growing online community sites in the world. Many people around the world use the app to communicate with people. The app can mostly be seen being used by gamers. One interesting feature that discord provides is screen sharing. Here, one can easily telecast what they are doing on their device, both their computer and mobile phone, to their conversing group. This is an interesting feature that allows people to telecast their activities to have a visual representation.


But in this feature, sometimes an error occurs. Out of all of such glitches, one major glitch that arises is the discord screen share does not accompany the audio. This is a glitch that many users face. Here in this article, we shall discuss this glitch in detail and show some glitch fixes.

Possible Causes of Discord Screen Share No Audio 

Discord’s screen share is an innovative and new feature added. Therefore it is natural that some errors and glitches appear. The glitch we will be talking about today is the discord screen shares no audio. When a person shares their screen on the discord group, there is no audio output. This error is somewhat troublesome for people who might be carrying out some important activity.

Each computer and mobile phone has a different build. And in case of this glitch, the reason can be varying. The discord screen share no audio chrome has different causes and different fixes that one can do to remove this glitch. The reasons are as simple as one can get, but often people face difficulty recognizing those. These reasons are some of the key points that we will focus on here in this section.

1. Antivirus Issue

Discord files tend to get harmed seriously due to the Antivirus software installed on your computer. If you sign in to chrome and attempt to utilize the discord application, you will locate that the discord share screen no audio chrome issue.

This is one of the most common causes for no audio issue. The problem is that the antivirus software has the authority to override some of the key files in our system. Therefore, whenever someone opens discord, the antivirus modifies the system files and prevents audio from working during screen sharing.

2. Audio Feature Issue

No audio discord screen share system’s inconsistency is another reason behind screen share sound not working properly. This might be because of it being in the beginning phases. Accordingly, an audio issue during the sharing screen happens.

The beginning phase is that the discord system is not properly compatible with the audio receiver and other features present in your system. This is an issue that only further upgradation of the application can fix. The application’s compatibility with the audio features of the system is at risk in this case.

3. Problem With Audio Driver

You will confront discord no audio screen share glitch if the discord legacy audio drivers installed in our system are flawed. Discord is an audio-based application that mainly requires the pre-installed Audio Drivers for telecasting and sharing audio. Any harm if caused to these drivers or due to some situation, your audio driver gets damaged or broken, then the discord screen share sound not working issue appears.

Our PC framework has drivers specifically set for the transmission of audio files. These drivers are crucial for the proper functioning of several sound-based applications like Discord. These drivers often tend to get ruined or turn out to work improperly. In such a scenario, you will encounter a discord screen share with no audio working issue.

4. Access to Administration

Since discord is a sound application, the screen sharing feature is not refined enough. Therefore it tends to project the entirety of your computer screen, and the screen share feature requires administrative access of your PC for utilizing audio. This administrative access is sometimes blocked or prevented from being used by the discord that causes this discord screen to share no audio.

When you start the screen share feature in discord, it shares the entire PC screen with different clients distantly. So to do this activity, administrative authorization is required. The solution is simple, as one can guess, by permitting them to the app for using the audio feature.

5. No Route Problem

Discord no audio screen share issue is a blunder that may happen if the route needed by discord to transfer or send voice is not present in your PC or mobile phone. In such a case, the application’s settings for voice are at fault that causes such errors to occur.

The voice settings are a complex feature of discord due to the app being a sound-based one. So many users may feel this being complicated and tend to leave this as it is. This causes the app to be rendered useless in sharing audio while someone is sharing their screen.

6. Issue with Some Application

Some apps on your PC don’t coordinate or work properly with the Discord software or application. In such cases, you will see the glitch of discord screen share with no audio from occurring. In such circumstances, the main issue is that people fear finding other alternatives to fix this. The discord is a pretty complex application, and when you use another application along with it, the complexity level rises.

Also, there is a problem as some applications are important, and its insubordinate working with discord creates a big issue for people who use discord for work or important purposes.

7. Stream Incompatibility

If you play games and stream on platforms like youtube and at the end of the day you require to transfer your PC’s video files for streaming, then almost every other person will tell you that Discord is the application one must avoid. You will face several issues like discord screen share no audio issue from time to time and disagreement with the streamed game; the performance of the game also tends to get hampered when a person tries to use Discord for streaming purposes. Discord must only be used to screen share to a certain small group of people; otherwise, the stream quality also drops along with the game’s constant glitching issue and the screen blacking out from time to time.

Discord Screen Share No Audio – Solutions

With any problem comes a solution with it. This is the same in the case of no audio discord screen share issue, as you can easily understand by reading the above section that shines light upon the issue’s reasons. Disabling some feature of turning something on will easily solve this problem. Here in this section, we will look deeper into these solutions for a more easy understanding and fast solution. Before moving forward, remember that different reasons can cause the issue so that no single solution can guarantee a cure. A different machine may need different types of solutions to be used for fixing the issue.

1. Try With Restarting the Computer

A few running programs on your PC may not work properly with Discord, messing audio up for you. To check whether that is the main issue of the no audio glitch or not, restarting your PC to clean up all the background activities, temporary memory used and glitches found for a product is one of the finest solutions out there.

Relaunching Discord after the restart is one of the sure-shot solutions to fix all glitches and all. If you aren’t getting any sound during screen sharing, attempt this fix.

2. Update the Discord Application

Discord gets regular updates from its developers. So updating the application from time to time might solve all glitches and problems that your face. The following steps are needed to be performed to update discord.

  • Open Run dialogue box.
  • Now, type “%localappdata%” and click on ok.
  • Please search for a folder named discord and then double-click.
  • Search for update.exe and double-click.
  • Relaunch the app after the update is complete.

3. Disable the Antivirus Temporary

If there is no sound at all while screen sharing in Discord, it’s less likely that your antivirus is the main cause of the issue. However, it would help if you did not neglect the chance. Briefly disable your antivirus program and check if the issue persists.

If Discord works appropriately after you disable the antivirus programming, contact the merchant of your antivirus programming and ask them for a solution, or ask them to provide and install an alternate version of the antivirus program.

4. Rework the Discord Audio Settings

An audio glitch is an error that, in most cases, occurs if someone has tampered with the default settings of the PC framework or the application. In the case of Discord, this can be seen as once a person tampers with the audio settings, glitches like no audio while screen sharing appears. The best solution is to reset the voice settings of the application back to the default one.

  • Open discord.
  • Click on the Settings Icon.
  • Search for Voice and Video settings
  • Click on reset voice settings.
  • Click ok

After doing so, check whether the audio error persists or not.

5. Update the Audio Drivers

Perhaps the most widely recognized reason for the Discord, no sound issue during screen sharing, is the absent or obsolete sound driver. You can refresh your systems drivers manually if you’re glad to do them each in turn. However, this takes a long time. Or then again, you can refresh them all with only a few snaps with Driver Easy.

Here are the steps for Driver Easy update.

  • Download and install Driver Easy.
  • Open Driver Easy application.
  • Click on Scan Now button.
  • Click on update all to download automatically and install the latest audio drivers.

6. Try Clearing Discord Cache

Present-day programs make a cache file in your PC’s roaming directory to streamline and improve execution and working the more you utilize the program. The consistent making of brief documents might be what taints your Discord information and prompts the sound issues. Follow these steps to clear your cache information for Discord.

  • Open run option.
  • Type %appdata%
  • Click Enter
  • Look for the discord folder and then op to right-clicking it.
  • Click on delete.

7. Allow Administrative Access and Then Launch Discord

Sometimes the admin has the power to allow discord to neglect some of the limitations of the discords and PC’s firewall. Likewise, with different projects, doing this can conceivably fix gives what you have been having. Here are the steps following which you can grant Administrative access to Discord:

  • Open file explorer either from the start button, desktop, or searching for it in the run tab.
  • Go to the directory that holds the base files for the discord application.
  • Search the Discord.exe and right-click on it.
  • Click on the option Run as Administrator.
  • Click ok.

8. Use Push To Talk Feature

Push to talk is an interesting feature that almost all the time solves the no audio error during screen sharing. Here, the audio will be transmitted if a particular button is pressed during screen sharing. Here are the steps to enabling it.

  • Open discord
  • Open discord user settings.
  • Select voice and video
  • Under voice settings, search for input mode
  • Click on Push to Talk.


What is the main reason behind the discord screen sharing no audio?

Different systems can have different reasons for which this issue can appear from time to time. These reasons can have different solutions that can cure this issue.

Is audio pre-existing when sharing the screen in Discord?

No, discord does not possess the features to transmit audio while sharing the screen directly. In most scenarios, the audio is transferred on discord only via voice calls.

How to share sound on discord?

Sound cannot be sent through general means of discord. Voice calls are generally used on discord to transfer audio and converse with others.

Why can’t I share screen on discord?

The main reason behind the share screen feature not being available to you is that you do not have the latest discord version.

Can a person stream their activity on the browser in a discord group?

Yes, you can stream your desirable activity on your browser choice when you share screen on Discord.


Discord is a communicative platform. An interesting and new feature of discord is screen sharing. Here once an easily telecasts the activity they are doing on their computer. An error sometimes occurs when using this feature and that is the no audio output glitch. There have been witnessed numerous causes behind why there is the occurrence of this particular error. Along with different reasons, there are also different solutions to it.

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