Chrome Not Saving Passwords (2021 Updated)

We often use Google Chrome as the most preferred browser among others. Any error that obstructs the usage of Chrome can be infuriating.

With the increasing number of accounts, every account has a password that we must remember. In such a hustling life, it is quite impossible to keep a track of all the passwords as they cannot be the same for all. Here, all we need is a password manager that remembers all of the passwords on its own. This will make it easier for us to log in to the accounts anytime. 

To overcome this problem, Chrome has an in-built feature that acts as your password manager. Every time you log in to a new website, it remembers the password for the next time. Thus, you do not have to enter the password again and again. 

But what if this password manager fails to perform its task. You will face chrome not saving passwords error. It becomes a mandatory task to fix this error. Read the below article to know all the details for this.

What Is Causing The Password Saving Issue On Google Chrome?

Whenever you face chrome not saving passwords, you try to fix the error and get rid of it. But now the question arises of which method to select for fixing the error. For this, you first need to know the possible causes of chrome won’t save passwords mac. Once you can detect the cause, you can easily troubleshoot the error using a particular fix. So, the causes of this error are as follows-

  • Corrupted Cache Folder- This problem mainly occurs in MAC. Mac users always complain about having endless cache folders on their devices. These folders cause errors in Google chrome that ends up showing the chrome not saving passwords.
  • Disabled auto-saving passwords- If the auto-saving password feature is disabled, then you can probably encounter this error. If you have already disabled this feature, then reset it and enable it again.
  • Damaged Chrome Profile- Different users have different chrome profiles, they contain every information related to your browser. If your profile gets corrupted, you may encounter a password issue.
  • Unable to save local data- If your chrome is prohibited from saving your local data history, then there are possibilities that it may not remember your passwords. 
  • Outdated or corrupted drivers- Outdated or corrupted Google drivers can create obstacles in the process. Try updating them to their latest version.

Fixes for Chrome Not Saving Passwords:

Once you have figured out the cause of chrome not saving passwords, you can now pick out the most suitable fix for your error. So, here are some of the most common troubleshooting fixes that can help you to get rid of the error.

  • Remove Harmful programs from your device-

You may have multiple programs installed on your device. These programs are capable of creating conflicts between your device and the browser you are currently using. So you should remove these programs by performing a scanning process. These programs will be detected by the scanner and then you can remove them easily with the cleanup feature. The steps are as follows-

  • Open your device and start the Chrome browser on it.
  • Open the main menu of the browser by clicking on the three dots. The main menu contains all the available settings options. The dots are located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • From the main menu, select the settings option and then navigate for the advanced options feature. Click on it and open the window.
  • In the next window, click on the “reset and clean up” option.
  • You do not have to restart the device, instead, you need to clean it up. So, click on the clean-up option. 
  • Your device will now scan all the internal processing programs and applications. It will start detecting the faulted programs.
  • Once the scanning is done, you can see the results displayed on the screen.
  • Remove all the faulted programs and check if the error has been removed or not.
  • Clear Cache memory and cookies-

A browser is known to save your browsing history and other data in the form of cache memory. You must have encountered a dialogue box that prompts you to accept the cookies while accessing a browser. This cache memory is capable of tracking the user if kept for too long. Thus, you should always prefer to clear the cache memory to remove such errors. The steps are as follows-

  • Open the Chrome browser and click on the main menu through the 3 dots icon.
  • Click on the “more tools’ option to get a list of all the tools available in the browser.
  • From this, click on the clear browsing data option from the menu list of tools.
  • You will now see two options- basic and advanced. Click on the advanced tab option and now you have to select some of the options.
  • Check the various options such as browsing history, cookies, and other site data, and Cached images and files.
  • Below this, you will see a time range option. Here you have to specify the time for which you want these operations to be carried out.
  • Under this, select the “all-time” option followed by the “clear data” option.


If you are a MAC user, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the library folder set by the username.
  • You may see a folder of Google that is associated with the Chrome application. Remove the main folder.
  • Now delete all the other folders connected with it as they are stored in cache memory.

Now, try restarting the browser and check for the error.

  • Allow Chrome to save local data by modifying the settings-

If the previous two methods have failed to fix the error, then you can try this out. Browsers are meant to save your local data such as browsing history, your recently accessed web pages, etc. If in some situations, Chrome is restricted from saving this data, you may probably face chrome not saving passwords. Enable this feature to avoid this error. Steps for this are as follows-

  • Open Google Chrome browser and navigate the access button in the form of 3 dots. It is located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Settings option and scroll down the menu to search for the “advanced options” button.
  • This will list down all the menu settings available in this option.
  • Now search for the “Privacy and security” option and then tap on the content settings feature.
  • Under the content settings feature, click on the Cookies tab.
  • In the cookies tab, you will see an option “keep local data only until you quit your browser”. 
  • Make sure that the toggle has remained unchecked only.
  • Once you have made all the desired changes, just save them and restart your browser.
  • After restarting your browser, try to save the passwords. Hopefully, the error has been fixed now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are there any other methods to solve google not saving passwords?

Yes, besides the above-mentioned methods, there are a few more techniques to solve the error. They are as follows-

  • Update Google chrome (either manually or automatically)
  • Enable the auto-saving passwords option
  • Log out and log in back to your google account
  • Reset Chrome to its default settings
  • Generate a new Chrome user profile
  • Can I use the above methods to fix the errors?

Of course!. All the above error fixing methods are safe to use. You can use them anytime to get rid of this error. The methods are well-tested and are in working condition. Just select a method and fix your error in no time.

  • How to disable the Chrome extensions available on my device?

Disabling the faulty extensions can be a perfect fix for the chrome won’t save passwords mac error. Here’s how to do this.

  • Open the Chrome menu and click on the tools option.
  • Select extensions and you will see a list of extensions installed on your device.
  • Disable them one by one and find out the faulty extension. Remove it and you are done.

Final Verdict:

These were some of the best working methods to fix chrome not saving passwords. These errors create obstacles when you try to access your browser. If these methods are still unable to fix this error, then reinstalling Chrome is the only option. You can even contact the customer support team for this. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section below. 

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