Reasons Wi-Fi Connections Drop [100% Working Fixes]

If one is experiencing Wi-Fi dropping signals or any kind of disconnections due to which the device is unable to connect with the network, at expected speed, or at all, the article will provide better clarity about the reasons why wifi keeps dropping. There are many tips and tricks which can save the user and reduce the issue in a significant manner allowing one to have smoother connectivity in the long run.

These techniques are, however, not full-proof, and in case of a deep-routed issue, these quick fixes may or may not work. However, it is not at all suggested to lose hope. So, try to find the reason and use a fix, and hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

5 Reasons With Their Fixes:

  1. Wi-fi Power and Range is insufficient

The wireless access point, it will only reach to a distance, and if one is accessing the internet at the outer edge of the specified range limit, one will experience that the wifi connection keeps dropping repeatedly. Moving far away from the modem or router, the wi-fi connection might stop permanently.

Well, remember the 5ghz wifi keeps dropping, if the router will remain buried in a closet or stuck in a basement corner or if it is broken. So, what to do?

The solution is quite simple. Just make sure to move the router closer. With the decrease in the distance between the device and router, the strength will increase, and the connection will be strong. One can even improve the connection by upgrading the antenna on the access point or on the computer (if the same is possible). Range extenders or mesh networks, even they are some effective solutions, but one wouldn’t need both.

  1. Overloaded Network

The home and hardware both might be perfect for accommodating the Wi-fi signals and for avoiding any interference. However, if there are many devices that are using one signal network, note, the bandwidth for every single device, it is very limited. When every device lacks the bandwidth they need, the websites stop opening, videos don’t play, the device might even disconnect or reconnect from the given network while the network tries keeping enough of the bandwidth for using the Wi-fi.

One can today test the internet speed to keep checking whether or not the device is receiving the promised speed. If it is slower than what is paid to ISP, then a problem exists with the modem or the router, or the chances are that many networks are connected all at once.

Well, the solution that would work in case the router keeps dropping is taking off some of the devices from the network. Ask the connection users to take a break so that the bandwidth can be free for use. One can even use the program that can support bandwidth control while downloading files to the computer. It will help reduce the bandwidth being used by the device, and this, in turn, will increase the available bandwidth which the device is using.

If the network is still slow, try restarting the router as sometimes when memory or router is full, it requires flushing so that the router can work better.

  1. Wrong Wi-Fi is being used

If 2 of the neighboring locations, they are running on the unsecured network of wi-fi that has the same SSID, there is a chance that the device can connect with the wrong network, and one wouldn’t notice it. Well, the misdirection here, it would cause a lot of problems like momentary loss, and it might even reconnect to the wi-fi when one leaves a network and joins the other one. In this situation, the wireless device, it will lose the connection with the neighboring network being turned off, even when one’s preferred one will remain functional.

With one network suffering the problem of bandwidth, the other too will experience the symptom, even in a case wherein the wi-fi is turned on. Remember, if another location has the open network, some other one too nearby is using it, and this is why you keep losing wifi connection.

So, the solution here is, take up some right security measures for making sure that the computer and the other devices, they connect only with the right network. One might set up the devices to stop joining networks automatically to avoid the picking up of any unsecured wi-fi connection. One can even ask the neighbor to set up a wi-fi password so that people stop stealing them.

  1. Outdated/missing driver/Firmware

The computer that is connected to wi-fi, it uses the software called the device driver. Even the network routers have a related technology called firmware. These software pieces, it can become obsolete or corrupted with time, and this causes the wifi randomly disconnects.

In this case, the router firmware is to be upgraded to the new version. It is not one of the common tasks, but in actual it can be one cause of why the router keeps dropping wifi. One can even update the network driver of the device so as to see if the same is supported with the device. This will be an effective solution to try.

  1. Router is Bad

Well, if it is not the above 4 and the Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet, there is a chance that one’s router is bad. In this case, connect with the wireless provider and ask them to test the connection. They may even provide a replacement completely free of charge. One may even prefer purchasing the new router but in this case, just make sure to check the compatibility with the wi-fi service.


What is the reason that my Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet at night?

At night there are many appliances and the home equipment (garage door opener, baby monitors, sprinklers, etc.) that have radio signals, are active, and this can lead to a lot of problems as these devices are capable of interfering with the functionality of wi-fi router.

Is there a possible reason for the wi-fi connections dropping or disconnecting every 5 minutes?

Before trying anything, see if the wi-fi network, it is connected with the device and whether it is one’s own network or any other open network that exists nearby. Well, if it isn’t the issue, then ensure to turn off all other devices that are likely to interfere with the signals of wi-fi. If one is facing this concern from the very first day they installed the wi-fi, well, then the same is incompatible with the software.

Is there any danger if I sleep right beside the wi-fi router?

It is safe sleeping beside a wi-fi router as it will emit radio waves (not like x-rays or gamma rays) which is not capable of breaking the chemical bond or the cause of the ionization for the human body. So, here, in this case, there would be no damage.

Final Verdict:

Wi-fi, it is very complicated than the wired networking. It is invisible, and so one cannot see things that can be a reason for the interruption in radio waves. This is why it becomes quite challenging to understand what has gone wrong. The key here to sort this concern is the proper set up of the hardware on the router and also the use of the clients with the latest software. Even make sure that the best channel is picked up in the situation and use the simple SSID.

Do not expect magic. Take time and appreciate the way technology has been working. The little drop of wi-fi signals and disconnection can be sorted out. Just be calm and try.

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