Chrome Not Saving Passwords (2021 Updated)

Chrome Not Saving Passwords

We often use Google Chrome as the most preferred browser among others. Any error that obstructs the usage of Chrome can be infuriating. With the increasing number of accounts, every account has a password that we must remember. In such a hustling life, it is quite impossible to keep a track of all the passwords … Read more

Razer Synapse Not Opening – 100% Fix Guide 2021


Razer as a leading manufacturer of PC peripherals that are gaming-grade is known around the world. The brand is also known for having Razer Synapse, a unified configuration software that helps for configuring Razer peripherals. It also offers hassle-free ways to rebind the control or the macros allocation to all of razor peripherals devices. The … Read more

Reboot And Select Proper Boot Device ERROR FIXED [2021]

Reboot and select proper boot device, any error with it, it is definitely a perfect nightmare, haunting different Windows Operating Systems versions, including Windows XP or Windows 8.1. This issue is not a problem with Windows 10, but for the ones who still have not yet done an updated version, they are highly vulnerable to … Read more

Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch- Easy Fixes 2021


Dragon Age is an exceptionally popular role-playing game available on multiple platforms such as Windows, Xbox, Playstation, OS X, etc. It has an excellent storyline and brilliant characters. However, recently Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch on Windows 10 as reported by multiple gamers. There could be multiple reasons causing such an error. So, we tried … Read more

Discord Screen Share No Audio – 7+ Fixes

discord screen share no audio

Discord is one of the fastest growing online community sites in the world. Many people around the world use the app to communicate with people. The app can mostly be seen being used by gamers. One interesting feature that discord provides is screen sharing. Here, one can easily telecast what they are doing on their … Read more